How to use Wordpress?

How to use Wordpress?

What is Wordpress?

What is WordPress? At its core, WordPress is the simplest, most popular way to create your own website or blog. In fact, WordPress powers over 33% of all the websites on the Internet. At its heart is a PHP powered content managed systems that was initially started as a blogging platform. Due to its popularity, ease of use, world-wide developer support and its thousands of plugins, Wordpress is now used to power websites, portals, forums and even social media sites

Introduction to Wordpress?

How to use Wordpress

The login screen

How to use Wordpress? - The login screen

Go to or to reach your Wordpress login screen. The username and password would have already been created. If you forgot your password, click on Lost your password? to send a email with a reset password link. If you do not have a username and password, request one to be created by your administrator.

The dashboard

How to use Wordpress? - The dashboard

Once you have successfully logged in, you will be greeted at the Wordpress dashboard. The dashboard is the administrator homepage and gives a overview of the content, news, etc.

How to use Wordpress? - Navigation menu items

The Wordpress navigation sidebar is on the left. The main sections / functions you will be using to manage the site are:

  • Posts refer to the "blog" or news and updates section of the website. Posts can have titles, date & time stamps, categories and tags. Usually posts will be displayed in chronolgical order. Custom posts work like normal posts but are specific in its content, data and how its displayed. An example of a custom post could be Breakfast menu or Car models
  • Media refers to all the images, attachements and other files in your Wordpress installation and is available to be attached to any post or page
  • Pages refer to all the pages in the website. Each page's content can be managed, even its URL
  • Appearance -> Menus refer to the navigation menus in the website. Websites can have a single menu or multiple menus; header, sidebar, bottom, etc
  • Plugins refer to the listing of all plugins in the website. Most plugins are often updated so that they can stay secure or the developer just wanted to make the code more efficient / lighter. Its important to keep the plugins updated. It is, however, inconvinient when an updated plugin is not compatible with your Wordpress installation and can cause breakages. Please consult your administartor for assistance.
  • Users refer to the administration of users in the website. Each user can be given a role from complete administration access to a simple author of posts.

Managing page contents

How to use Wordpress? - Page listing

Click on Pages on the navigation menu. Wordpress now lists all the pages in your website. Click on a Page Title and it will open up the page to be managed or click on Add New to create a new page.

How to use Wordpress? - Managing page contents

You can now edit your page's Title, URL (Permalink), Description (Content) and other Custom Fields that you have for this page.

How to use Wordpress? - Save / Update

Once you have completed the page, click on Publish / Update to save your page.